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Hello Political Lover People! Today We Are Sharing Shamim Osman’s Political power, Wife, Age, Net Worth, And Political power Family information in this post. Narayanganj-4 (Fatulla-Siddhirganj) constituency’s Member of Parliament, Shamim Osman, was born on February 28, 1961.

Family Background:

AKM Shamim Osman’s paternal uncle, Khan Sahib EM Osman Ali, was a prominent figure in British India, a member of the Legislative Assembly, and a founding member of the Awami League. Due to his qualifications, Khan Bahadur and Khan Sahib titles were conferred upon him by the British government. He actively participated in the anti-British movement and played a significant role in the political resistance during the Liberation War of 1971 as one of Bangabandhu’s close associates.

AKM Shamim Osman’s father, the late AKM Shamsujjoha, was the son of Khan Sahib EM Osman Ali, a worthy offspring. He actively participated in the Language Movement, the non-cooperation movement of 1966, the mass uprising of 1969, and the Liberation War of 1971, contributing significantly as a freedom fighter. After the victory in the War of Independence, he was among the first to visit Dhanmandi to rescue the family of Bangabandhu, including the current Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who was held captive by the Pakistani military. He recalls this incident with great reverence in his memoirs.

AKM Shamim Osman’s mother comes from a politically influential family. His maternal uncle, Abul Hashem, was the Secretary of the All Bengal Muslim League. Shamim Osman’s elder brother, Alhaj Nasim Osman, was elected as a Member of Parliament four times. After his demise, another elder brother, MP Selim Osman, was elected to the same constituency. Selim Osman is simultaneously a distinguished businessman and the President of the BBA. These details provide a glimpse into the rich political and familial history of AKM Shamim Osman.

AKM Shamim Osman has a son and a daughter. The son’s name is Ayon Osman, he is widely popular among the youth in Narayanganj and is actively engaged in studies in a college outside the country.

Educational Qualifications:

Salma Osman completed her SSC from Narayanganj Bar Academy, passed her HSC from Tolaram College, and pursued her LLB degree at Dhaka University, completing her LLM from Narayanganj Law College.

Occupation: Business

Religion: Islam

Political Involvement:

Engaged in politics from the 8th grade. Shamim Osman embarked on a political career that started with student politics. Later, during his time at Tolaram College, he was elected as the VP of the student parliament. He served as a member of the central committee of the Chhatra League and, through elections, took on the responsibility of the general secretary of the district Awami League. In 1996, he was elected as a Member of Parliament from Narayanganj-4 (Fatulla-Siddhirganj) constituency representing the Awami League.

Social and Developmental Activities:

During his time as the elected VP of Tolaram College, Shamim Osman gained popularity as a student leader known for extensive public service. He became endeared to all students, especially the poor and meritorious ones. With his relentless efforts, he established himself as a competent and dedicated organizer, contributing to the legacy of his politically influential family.

His goal was to work tirelessly for the unfinished tasks of Bangabandhu, embodying the ideals of integrity and love for the country. In the national elections of ’96, he won the Narayanganj-4 seat, gaining massive public support. His love for the people of Narayanganj motivated him to initiate programs for the modernization of the district. First, he improved the Dhaka-Narayanganj Link Road and, through diligent efforts, successfully completed the Gulshan-Banani Link Road. He reconstructed roads, bridges, and culverts, connecting the areas from Siddhirganj to Bhatiari, Kanainagar, and Laxmangarh.

Political Narayanganj

  • To address the lack of parks for entertainment in Narayanganj, he identified a location near the Baktaboli Ghat for a park. This initiative became even more crucial during the government of the four-party alliance after the 2001 elections. Khan Sahib EM Osman Ali, his father, founded the International Stadium as a symbol of international sports.
  • Passionate about sports, Shamim Osman constructed the Nabinagar Ferry Ghat Road for smooth transportation. His singular contribution enhanced the enjoyment of Narayanganj residents, making Narayanganj Television a prominent platform.
  • As an individual effort, he constructed the Narayanganj District Administrator and Police Superintendent offices. He initiated efforts to transform Tolaram College into a university, resulting in the establishment of the Arnas Kos College in the 21st century. Through extensive motivation among the students of middle and lower-middle-class families in Narayanganj, Shamim Osman has played a significant role in providing education for the people.

Moreover, during his tenure as an MP, no mosque or madrasa in his constituency received government funds. Shamim Osman did not divert any government grant money to such institutions.”

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