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People know him as a witty and charming entertainer who has a unique point of view, which has made Akaash Singh a rising star in the entertainment industry. From his early years in New York City, he became an excellent comedian, performer and podcast. Since their first meeting Jasleen Singh is his wife. The article will talk about Akaash Singh’s life along with his wife; it covers biographies, ages, net worths and how they got married to each other.


Akaash Singh is American by birth. Being a child, he had a talent for telling stories and comedic senses of humor which showed up earliest in his life. He improved his skills by performing on several open mics and comedy clubs in New York City, which is known for its vibrant comedy scene. It was when he got the recurring role in “Broad City,” that Sing broke through into mainstream entertainment industry.

Through his Flagrant 2 podcast, Singh has gained an ardent fan base while discussing everything from relationship issues to politics with friends and fellow comedians. This has made him popular not just within America but across the globe because he can converse with people intelligently about various topics using comedy as his tool.

Key Facts Details
Full Name Akaash Singh
Date of Birth August 28, 1985
Age 38 years old
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, USA
Profession Comedian, Actor, Podcaster
Nationality American


As of May 4, 1984 Akaash Singh is 39 years old. Despite his relatively young age, he has already accomplished a great deal in his career, demonstrating a maturity and wisdom beyond his years.

Net Worth

While the public is ignorant of Akaash Singh’s precise net worth, it’s believed to be in the area of( insert estimated net worth range). His accomplishments in acting, humor, and podcasting have surely helped him reach financial success. Still, Singh has maintained his countenance, concentrated on his art, and worked industriously to give his cult with top- notch entertainment.

Name Estimated Net Worth
Akaash Singh $2 million
Akaash Singh’s Wife Unknown

Akaash Singh’s Wife

 In July 2021, Akaash Singh tied the knot with his long- time gal, Jasleen Singh, in a beautiful form held in New Jersey. Jasleen, who prefers to maintain a fairly private life, has been a constant source of support and stimulant for Akaash throughout his trip. Jasleen Singh is( insert age) times old and shares Akaash’s passion for creativity and tone- expression. While her profession and background remain fairly unknown, it’s apparent that she plays a significant part in Akaash’s life, furnishing a stable and loving foundation that allows him to thrive in his career.

Frequently Asked Questions For Akaash Singh Wife

Where Was Akaash Singh Born?

Akaash Singh was born in Sacramento, California.

Who Is The Mother Of Aakash Singh?

The mother of Aakash Singh is Mrs. Singh.

Who Is The Owner Of The Flagrant Podcast?

Flagrant Podcast is owned by Akaash Singh, Andrew Schulz, and Kaz.

Who Is The Indian Guy With Andrew Schulz?

The Indian guy with Andrew Schulz is Akaash Singh, a popular comedian and podcast host known for his appearances on shows like “Brilliant Idiots. “


Akaash Singh’s rise to elevation has been a testament to his gift, hard work, and unwavering determination. His unique brand of comedy and authenticity has reverberated with cult worldwide, earning him a devoted addict base. Alongside his woman Jasleen Singh, he continues to explore new creative avenues, pushing boundaries and grueling societal morals with his perceptive and study- provoking work.

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